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What to do with that prom dress after prom...

Updated: Mar 3

1. Donate it:

Consider donating your prom dress to a local charity organization, such as a prom dress drive or a non-profit that helps underprivileged teens attend prom. Your dress could make a difference in someone else's special night.

2. Sell it:

If your prom dress is in good condition, consider selling it online through platforms like Poshmark, Depop, or Facebook Marketplace. This can help you earn some extra money and give your dress a new home.

3. Rent it out:

If you have a designer or high-quality prom dress, you could rent it out to others for special occasions. This can help you recoup some of the cost and allow someone else to experience wearing a beautiful dress.

4. Revamp it:

Work with a seamstress or tailor to revamp your prom dress into a new style. This could involve altering the silhouette, adding embellishments, or changing the color to create a fresh look. If the dress was made by this option is available. Creating your birthday dress from your prom gown is the PERFECT revamp!

5. Repurpose it:

Turn your prom dress into a new garment or accessory. You could transform it into a cocktail dress, skirt, top, or even a clutch bag. Get creative with the design to give your dress a new purpose.

6. Keep it for future events:

Hold onto your prom dress for future formal events, such as weddings, charity galas, or other special occasions. You can restyle it with different accessories or alterations to give it a new look each time you wear it.

7. Create a memory keepsake:

If you're sentimental about your prom dress, consider repurposing it into a memory keepsake. This could involve framing a piece of the fabric, creating a shadow box display, or incorporating it into a quilt or pillow cover.

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