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To book a consult: Interior Design consultation 

Champagne Wall
15  glasses (4 x 2ft.) $375
44 glasses (6.5 x 4ft.) $450
55 glasses (6.5 x 4ft.) $490
88 glasses (6.5 x 8ft.)$900
105 glasses (6.5 x 8ft.) $980
Clear Acrylic 6x4 feet : $795 (48 flutes)
Additional Detachable Message board: $64 each 

Colors, Lettering, Rhinestone, floral options are add on. If the detachable message board will be a keepsake custom request and may cost additional vary with design. Pricing does not include Champagne flutes. Flutes can be provided at extra expense. 48 glasses= $140 Elegant design 48 glasses = $280 
plastic 48 glasses = $35
Local Delivery $50. 


Appropriately Height: 78" Width: 48" Holds 44 Glasses.

Champagne Wall

Appropriately Height: 78" Width: 48" Holds 44 Glasses.

54" W set of two
x 64"L: $64
x 76"L: $70
x 84"L: $76
x 96"L: $84
x 108"L: $92
x 120"L: $98
x 132"L: $105
x 140"L: $110
Measurements: $120+
Fabrics: Sheer, Burlap, Linen, Canvas, Cotton *price may vary with fabric choice
Additions: Lettering, Stones, Images + $50 


Cordless. All colors available. Can Ombre colors as well.

Hot pink Blinds and Fur carpet.

Pricing for blinds only

Vanity Trays
Wood Designed to rest across your table, couch, bed or tub. Giving you space for everything you could possibly need; candles, a book,  a tablet, laptop, the remote and yes, even a glass of wine! 
Tray is NOT waterproof, it is water repellent. Please do not submerge in water. Length 12" - 18"

Create your unique custom throw pillows by choosing your dimensions, style and fabrics. Our beautiful fabrics are available in a variety of colors and patterns and will provide years of lasting beauty! Choose from indoor or outdoor fabrics to best suit your needs.
starting at $45 per pillow. 

Blue abstract 28"X28" Pillow cover: $75 w/ pillow insert: $110

(2) Monogrammed Italian woven cotton. Wine 24" X 24" pillows. Pillow Covers: $90 w/ pillow inserts: $115

starting at $105
Additions: Lettering, Stones, Images + $50 

62" x 44" one of a kind. Mirror not available $495

Custom built and upholstered seating sections, beds, chairs and desk!
Price will vary with details, length, height, and materials


Room display.

Couch cover, Throw, drapes, chair covers, stool covers, Floral display, upcycled center table and end table

Custom Light Office Desk $750

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