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What you need to know as a client... 

"Trust the Process"

By making a payment you agree to the following terms of service, NDA, and process.

Everything applies to you even if have not read it and make a purchase. 


Every item is handmade. Details vary per order and from the inspirational images. No mock designs. We specialize in originality, creative, freestyle designs ONLY. Your item will not be made exactly like inspirational images yet inspired by. We use our own vision and style! Fabrics discontinue, sell out and take time to ship, the longer you wait, the less time we have, the more likely we will need to make more changes. Also note, designs look different from person to person, body type, height shape and style give different looks! Be honest and mindful of yourself. Be honest with your designer, we are here to make you look great and confident! 



The earlier we get started the better!

The date you provide is the earliest date to expect your item.

Inquiries and quotes are made in written form for record purposes. No phone calls regarding pricing or placing an order. Quotes are only guaranteed for 48 hoursPricing is always subject to change. Orders are paid in full.

30 Day Pay: Payment plan is available if item cost more than $800 and minimum of 3 months' time. You have 30 days from the day the invoice is sent. 


Average production time

10+ months for Bridal Gowns

16 weeks (4 months) for dresses & suits

4-8 weeks (1-2 months) for other sewn or embellished designs.
Timing varies. If needed sooner, please specify and pay a (Rush Fee) if no rush fee is paid no date is guaranteed. 


Please allow time for changes, adjustments and shipping. Early completion is not expected. Delays occur and orders are completed by when they are needed. The date you give CAN be the date you receive your item by midnight. Give an earlier date. Any changes requested to your order after payment will result in extra fees. If a detail is NOT on your order, it will NOT be on your item! Please check your order for accuracy.
When you receive images of your order feedback is crucial to the process. Design pics and videos must be approved immediately or it's designers' decision to proceed. Some detail changes may be made without communication and in the best judgement of the designer. Please check your email often for correspondence. No reply will delay the process, designer may choose to stop production until contact is made, and no refunds!


All apparel REQUIRES: to the date measurements, & full body pictures: Front, back, & side. *Measure in bare minimum clothing, a natural state, no push up bras or shapewear for accuracy. Client MUST provide accurate measurements (Sizing Charts) or schedule a measurement appointment (in-person or virtual) for +$55 USD. Client will be measured again at fitting, if client has gained or lost weight there will be an additional fee for alterations. 

(Book your Measurementsnon-refundable / non-transferable. 


Available for clients unsure of design, material or sizing and want to meet (in-person or virtual) and speak in depth about their request. In-person Consultations are +$100 USD (1 hour) consisting of measurements, design details, fabric swatches, sketches, video chats and fittings upon request. Virtual consultations are $50 (30 min.)  Consultations do not deduct from final expense. 

(Book your Consultationnon-refundable / non-transferable. 

Couture Retainers

Clients who are sure we are their designer and want to secure their design, date and quote. This is only available if your date is more than 4 months out. This option is only available for prom from September - December. The designer DOES NOT BEGIN TO SEW, nor will all materials be purchased. You will not have a fitting scheduled until balance is paid in full. Balances are paid in 2 installments or in full depending on total. Retainers are +$350 USD 80% of this amount is deducted from final total.

(Book your Couture Retainernon-refundable / non-transferable. 


point Please Only request an invoice when you are ready and going to pay the invoice immediately upon receipt. Nonpayment will result in cancelation and the designer may refuse to continue. Invoice payments are discussed per occurrence. If your invoice has a payment schedule the balance must be paid on the agreement date or a Design Delay fee of $50 will occur every 20 days.    

*At any point you do not complete FULL payment, the payments made are non-refundable / non-transferable and your order is cancelled. 


Highly recommended for dresses and suits. (Even out of City) Final fittings will be scheduled within 4 weeks (out of region) to 2 weeks (local) prior to wear. Time frames may vary and come very close to due date. 
Please note that designer may take footage (pics / videos) of fitting session for future marketing material. Be very honest at fitting session, the garment will be constructed and completed off of your opinion.  

Out of region clients:

Once you purchase your suit or dress if needed you will receive alteration order form to print and complete for each garment, USPS shipping label, marking pen and pins. A video chat is mandatory during this process. 

You will be able to send us the garments at no charge to you in order to complete the alteration.

Once we receive your garments our team will communicate with you, complete alterations and ship back to you via USPS. 



Only offered on approved clothing pieces NOT custom-made clothing made by anyone other than The La'Rue. As we are handmade designers we choose not to fix and repair some things not made by us. It takes more work to un-do something and fix it then it is to simply have us do it the first time, accurately. At your appointment, please arrive freshly groomed and prepared to take clothing off and on. Please allow up to 2 hours availability to wait with the designer as she may be able to complete your request at your appointment. Pricing varies. 

For faja (shape wear, corset) services: It is easier to come wearing the garment. 

For dresses and suits: please come with undergarments and shoes. 
(Book your Alterationsnon-refundable / non-transferable. 



USPS Domestic: $11.25-$22.50 2-3 Day 

Overnight Express 1-2 Day $33+

USPS International: $33-$63.50 6-10 Business Days

Local orders are delivered NOT shipped! Local pick up is determined per client situation. If you are due to pick up your garment you have 7 days, including the date as pick up, on the 8th day your garment is considered abandoned, may no longer be available &/or repurposed. For local delivery you DO NOT have to be present.  packages are left near door. 

*Shipping time is not included in production time



45 business days = +15% of total

30 business days = +25% of total
25 business days = +30% of total

15 business days = +35% of total

10 business days = +40% of total

*Bridal needed within 10 months = +15% of total and up.

Rush Fees are non-refundable/ non-transferableIt applies to orders due within 6 weeks and orders that have not paid in full. ALL Orders less than $450 have a rush fee of $60-$100. All other orders rush fees are calculated with a percentage. 

(Add a Rush Fee)


s are delicate. Depending on your garmen
t it is meant for elegance. Be mindful of your nails and jewelry snagging / ripping garment. Handle and move with caution. 


Dry clean / hand wash in cold water. Always air dry. 

Never Iron or dry a TUTU, use warm wa
ter and hang to de-wrinkle and air dry.


You agree that The La'Rue Couture may use any photo and/or video featuring her work for future promotional advertisements. Your image will not be used in no way negatively. There is no compensation to you for your using your image. 



Observe & try on your item immediately upon receipt. Adjustments, returns and repairs are ONLY considered prior to wear. Once worn you forfeit your options. If you are dissatisfied, the designer must be given the chance to correct to your satisfaction. 
Delivery & Shipping clients: Discuss all concerns immediately within 24 hours of receiving, fitting, or discussion of your order or you forfeit any option for solution.

If you were scheduled for a fitting and left with your order, you forfeit the option of any changes or repairs once you leave with the item. 

In the case of a refund, we retain 45% of your total for materials & time. You will be given 55% of the item cost, not your total. Shipping, rush fees measurements, consultations, and retainers are NON-REFUNDABLE. 
The La'Rue is NOT responsible for any damage done after wear, cleaning, or handling. 


You agree that you will not, directly or indirectly, make or ratify any defamatory comments or remarks as defined by law, in writing, orally or electronically, about the company or any other releasee and their respective products and services. Client agrees not to in any way slander or injure the business reputation or goodwill of the company or the companies affiliates through any contact with past / future clients, vendors, suppliers, employees or agents of the company or the companies' affiliates, or in any other way. In the case this is breached client forfeits any option for solution. This includes refunds & adjustments. The company can refuse to work with you and retain your payment for emotional distress, humiliation, and loss of future clientele. 

You waive any and all liability to the designer for allergic reactions or injuries. 

Be cautious of Infants & toddlers. Keep items and all materials out of the child's mouth, nose, eyes & ears!

Thank You for choosing The La'Rue Couture

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