Every item is hand made, details will vary per order. Everything for your order is provided. No mock designs. We specialize in original designs ONLY. Pricing is subject to change. Quotes are only valid for 5 business days! You may send inspiration photos to do not expect your item to be EXACT! We like to have our own vision. 



Briefly discuss your request, a price will be given. Payments are due in full. Payment plans available only if 7 months until date.
We communicate the best we can. 
Some detail changes may be made without communication and in the best judgement of the designer. Fabric colors will vary depending on lighting and fabric type. 
Client must provide accurate measurements. *Measure yourself in thin bare minimum clothing for accuracy. 
Designer will measure the client only if the service is added. Consultations are $125. Consultations consist of measurements, design details, fabric swatches, sketches, video chats and fittings. (Book your consultation
Couture Retainers are Non-refundable and are for clients who are sure D. La'Rue is their designer and want to lock it in. This amount is applied to your final cost. (Book your Couture Retainer)
The date given by you is the earliest date you can expect your item. Therefore provide a date earlier then the day you need it. Earlier completion is difficult due to our scheduling! Delays occur. Please allow time for changes.

Any changes requested to your order after payment may result in a extra charge if possible!
If it is NOT on your order it will NOT be on your item! 



USPS Domestic: $10-$22.50 2-3 Day 

Overnight Express 1-2 Day $33+

USPS International: $33-$63.50 6-10 Business Days

NO pick up Option. 


Rush Fees start at $100 if less than 5 weeks. *Some Gowns may range 6-12 months!

 25 business days = 25% of total

15 business days = 35% of total

10 business days = 45% of total
*All Orders up to $450 have a $100 Rush fee.

RUSH FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE & applies to anything sewn, embellished, or screwed.


Items are delicate. Dry clean / hand wash in cold water. Always air dry. 

DO NOT  MACHINE WASH, DRY OR USE HOT WATER it will cause damage.
Never Iron or dry a TUTU, use warm water and hang to de-wrinkle and air dry.


To achieve the perfect fit of your garments from your own home we  now offer the following option: 

Once you purchase your suit or dress if needed you will receive alteration order form to print and complete for each garment,

USPS shipping label, marking pen and pins. A video chat is mandatory during this process. 

You will be able to send us the garments at no charge to you in order to complete the alteration.

Once we receive your garments our team will communicate with you, complete alterations and  ship back to you via USPS. 



Observe & try on your item immediately upon receipt. Adjustments and repairs are considered prior to wear ONLY. 
Discuss all concerns immediately within 24 hours of receiving your order or you forfeit the possibilities. 

In the case of a refund we retain 35% of your total for materials & time. You will be given 65% of the item cost, not your total. 
D. La'Rue is 
NOT responsible for any damage done after wear, cleaning, or handling. 


You agree that D. La'Rue Couture may use any photo and/or video that features her work for future promotion and advertisement with no compensation to you. 

Everything applies to you even if you did not read this by making a payment you agree to these terms and conditions. You waive any and all liability to the designer for allergic reactions or injuries. 

Be cautious of Infants & toddlers. Keep items and all materials out of the child's mouth, nose, eyes & ears!

Thank You for considering D. La'Rue Couture