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Becoming the model everyone wants...

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Taking the time to discover and develop a runway walk that makes you feel confident and look effortless will help you book modeling work!

1. Familiarize yourself with the outfits.

Your outfits dictate how much movement you can achieve. Examine the clothing you’ll wear beforehand to understand its fluidity and weight. Practice walking in the outfits and shoes backstage to see where your ensemble limits or allows movement.

2. Keep your posture.

Shoulders back and head straight, with your eyes leveled at all times. Walk tall, straight, and eyes forward in a relaxed, confident manner.

3. Set your facial expression and gaze.

Overall your face should express control, relaxation, and confidence. Look ahead by picking a spot at the back of the room at eye level to watch and concentrate on as you walk, keeping your chin slightly down.

4. Let the music guide you.

Correct pacing on the runway helps the entire set flow. If the music doesn’t match a rhythmic walking speed, find the slower beat in-between, use the speed of the models before you as a guide, making sure to keep enough distance between you and them.

5. Take long strides with your feet in a line. Place each foot directly in front of the other, with toes forward. This type of walking requires practice. Keep your strides comfortable, do not lift your knees like you are going up steps, and keep the pace consistent

6. Avoid swinging your hips and bouncing along

You may feel like you need to swing your hips as you walk. When walking with long strides and good posture, your hips will naturally swing at an appropriate level. Do not bop along, your walk should resemble a glide.

7. Let your arms swing naturally.

Allow your arms to move naturally, with a slight swing, without overemphasis. Avoid moving your arms to the music or making distracting movements.

8. Plan where you will stop and pivot.

During your model walk, avoid guessing at the last minute where you’ll stop and turn at the runway’s end. Slow down as you approach the spot to keep the flow smooth, then stop, pose for two or three seconds, and smoothly pivot your body, letting your head be the last part to move.

9. Keep the energy until completely out of audience view.

As you return back stage, keep your energy up. You may feel a sense of relief that you’ve completed the your walk, causing you to relax too much or speed up. Place as much importance on the return walk as the outgoing walk, and keep your pace consistent.

10. Practice at home.

The more you practice your runway walk, the more confident you’ll be when it's time. You can find full videos of runway models online for inspiration as you work on your style.

5 KEYS!!! Walk the runway under intense pressure with beauty, strength, and self-confidence.

1. Be confident, no matter what.

You have to mean every step that you take. No hesitation. You cannot do it in an ‘I’m not sure’ way. You have to take the step and mean it. You have to do it with conviction.

2. Don’t worry about the audience.

Don’t see the audience. Hear the music. Hear the rhythm. And see the light. That’s it.

3. Make the clothes the star.

Your walk should revolve around the clothes you wear, not you. Finding a connection with the outfit, whether you personally like it or not. Vibe with that outfit, make sure that you’re wearing the outfit, the outfit’s not wearing you.

4. Slow down Watch your speed when walking the runway. Long slow strides make you look confident.

5. Practice makes perfect.

Practice walking to a song that makes you feel energized whenever you hear it. Record yourself, make adjustments, you want to enter a room with a stride and presence that snatches the attention.

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