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Brand Logo Design

Brand Logo Design


Starting or Revamping your business? Need a logo? 

Turn around time 24 hours up to 1 week. 

Pricing includes:

*up to 4 revisions
*1 image w/ white background.
*1 image w/black background
*watermark design
Image will be sent in JPEG form. 

Once you have made your payment you will receive a email with questions regarding your design details. Please reply to the email answering every question. Once the email is received your logo will be started. Checking your email often and replying quickly will speed up the timeframe for completion!! 

Note: the designer owns the image. Your logo will be used for promotion of services and used in the designers portfolio for future clients. If for whatever reason you DO not want the designer to use your logo in the portfolio PLEASE discuss with designer. 


Thank You and i look forward to building your brand. 

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