Baby Bottles
Bling Cap, Name, Pacifier: $90
Fully Covered w. Crystals, Name, Pacifier: $145  


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21 & up Bottles

Crystal Covered Bottles pricing vary with brand and size. Click here for pricing sheet

Hand painted Gem Bottle.
Bling Bottle


High Quality Crystal Champagne Bottle $950

Hot Pink 1942

Custom 1942 Bottle pearl covered with High Quality Crystal accents. pearl w/ Swarovski accents $550 All Swarovski $1250 House Crystal $500

Hand Painted Bottles

Tiffany & Co themed Wine Botte. JUST Wine bottle $150


Remy & Patron Bottle

Water bottles & Tumblers
Lettering & Lid in Crystals $85
House Crystal Covered: $150
Highest Quality Crystal: $440

Crystal Covered Tumbler
Crystal Tumbler
Stainless Steel Water Bottles