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Creator of Dopeness. Fashion Assassin. Tutu Guru

I Believe... 
The priority is quality and client satisfaction. Timeless designs with longevity durability. 
The goal is
 notoriety and happiness. People remember mome
nts and they remember what they were wearing in that moment. We strive to be worn in that moment. Fashion energizes you to achieve your goals. Perfecting your style can help to boost your enthusiasm, and can make you feel stronger and more in control of immediate social and work environments. Style mirrors feelings - good or bad. It is a statement of expression of how vibrant and confident a person is. Fashion impacts your personality and stimulates feelings of self- confidence. Fashion represents what you want to be. We celebrate your unique figure & personality. Made to fit you perfectly.
Not only will your item be the perfect fit, you’ll also hand pick the fabrics, materials and design!

Nothing compares to the experience of designing and owning a 1 of 1.
Unlike ready-made clothing, custom made garments are a great long-term investments.

Coming soon

Lifetime repair. Not only will this ensure your item is in it's best condition, it will also cut back on pollution. Saving our planet by remaining a made to order label and offering the lifetime repair! 

Fashion Design Certificate
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